Mouse RelA p65 NF-kappa B (NF-kB, Nuclear Factor-kappa B) ELISA Assay Kit. Part No. ELISA-NFKB(m, 96T)

Mouse RelA p65 NF-kappa B (NF-kB, Nuclear Factor-kappa B) ELISA Assay Kit.  Part No. ELISA-NFKB(m, 96T)
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Model: ELISA-NFKB(m)
Manufacturer: Fivephoton Biochemicals

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Mouse RelA p65 (Total) ELISA Kit for NF-kB Assays 

(Lead time:  Approximately 2 weeks).

  • Separate ELISA kits to RelA are available for mouse, rat and human RelA(p65)
  • Affinity purified polyclonal capture antibody, with polyclonal HRP-detection antibody.  Sandwich ELISA, strip plate format
  • Standard peptide concentration:  1800 pg/ml 
  • Assay range:  50-1500 pg/ml
  • HRP-colorimetric detection at 450 nm
  • Rapid assay format:  1hr total incubation time at 37oC  
  • Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Isolation kit offered to quantitate the ratio of nuclear relative to cytoplasmic p65.  View available options menu  
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$1150.00 2 2x96T (192T)

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The RelA p65 NF-kB (NF-kappa B, NF-{kappa}B) ELISA kit employs the sandwich ELISA(96T) format to quantitate NF-kB p65 protein levels.  The 96-well strip plate is coated with an affinity purified polyclonal capture antibody selective to the RelA (p65) subunit of NF-kB.  After addition of sample, incubation and wash, a second polyclonal anti-RelA (p65) HRP-conjugated antibody is added to each well.  Color reagents are added to generate a colorimetric reaction, which corresponds to the concentration of RelA (p65) in the sample.

A Nuclear-Cytoplasmic fractionation kit is offered to partition cytoplasmic and nuclear p65.  p65(RelA) in the nuclear and cytoplosmic fractions can be directly measured with this kit to provide an estimate of NF-kappa B activation by calculation of the nuclear p65 relative to cytoplasmic p65 concentration ratio.

Solid Support Sandwich ELISA to RelA p65 NF-kB (NF-kappa B) Methods

Steps of Sandwich ELISA
1.  Equilibrate plate to ambient temperature.
2.  Add sample, incubate 30 min - 1hr, wash.
3.  Add HRP-Antibody, incubate 30 min -1 hr, wash.
4.  Add color reagents, incubate 15 min.
5.  Add stop solution.  Read Absorbance 450 nm.          


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RelA p65 NF-kB (NF-{kappa}B, NF-kappaB, Nuclear Factor-KappaB) ELISA Kit
Safety:  Stop solution contains sulfuric acid.  Avoid all contact and inhalation.
Wear eye protection, gloves.
Storage:  4oC, 6 months.
Shipping:  Overnight domestic shipping with ice pack is recommended for the NF-kB ELISA Kit (Cost:  $52.00).

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