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Sodium Orthovanadate
(Vanadate, Na3VO4)

Pre-activated, depolymerized, 200 mM solution & ready-to-use
Synonyms: sodium vanadate, orthovanadate, vanadate

  • Pre-activated, depolymerized and ready-to-use:  200 mM sodium orthovanadate (vanadate) solution in dH20, pH10.  
  • Formulated by depolymerization with a pH-boiling cycle until colorless at pH 10.0.
  • >99% sodium orthovanadate stock starting material
  • Potent tyrosyl, alkaline phosphatase inhibitor and ATPase inhibitor. 
  • Dispense sodium orthovanadate directly into cell lysates, or add to culture cells.  Soluble in physiological buffers.

200 mM Activated-Depolymerized Sodium Orthovanadate
    Available Volumes
6 ml
12 ml

Additional Volumes
20 ml
30 ml

Specifications -  Pre Activated Sodium Orthovanadate
  • Formula:  Na3VO4
  • CAS:  13721-39-6
  • Molecular Weight:  183.9
  • Concentration:  200 mM
  • Purity:  Starting material:  >99% vanadate solid stock
  • Solubility:  soluble in water
  • Appearance:  colorless and clear solution (in dH20, pH10)
  • Pre-activated through depolymerization at pH 10.0 with a pH-boiling cycle until colorless at equilibrium
  • Experimental concentration:  1 mM
  • Inhibition reversed by EDTA, DTT
  • Shipped at ambient temperature
  • Storage:  Aliquot; -20oC.  (After defrosting, vortex to solubilize crystals).  Stable at -20oC for at least one year.

  Data Sheet

Sodium Orthovanadate  (Part ACTVO-4) is provided as a potent phosphatase inhibitor that has been pre-activated and depolymerized by pH10 adjustment and boiling cycles until the solution maintains a colorless appearance at equilibrium at pH10§.  This preparation depolymerizes sodium orthovanadate and enhances its phosphotyrosyl phosphatase inhibitor potency.§  

Activated sodium orthovanadate solution is ready-to-use and can be dispensed directly into cell lysates, or cell culture medium (after filter sterilization if applied over an extended duration;  i.e. overnight.  Sterilization for cell culture applications is not required for short duration exposure;  i.e < 5 hrs). 
Pre-activated sodium orthovanadate solution is stable for at least one year when stored at -20oC as provided.  Certain buffer components, such as EDTA and oxidants, interact with inhibition potency.  HEPES is a preferred buffer for cell lysis solutions to maintain vanadate potency.2

Reference on formulation:
§  1.  Gordon, J:  Methods Enzymol. (1991) 201, 477-482.

Reference on mechanism of inhibition and assay buffer interactions:
    2.  Huyer, G., et al:  J. Biol. Chem. (1997) 272, 843-851.

Sodium Orthovanadate (Vanadate) Applications:

  1. Maintains tyrosyl phosphorylation in cell lysates and live cell culture (syringe filter sterilization is required for cell culture).
  2. Alkaline phosphatase inhibitor
  3. ATPase inhibitor, including ABC transporters
  4. Use as a stock solution for pervanadate generation

  Directions (Phosphatase Inhibition)   
  1. Concentration:  Recommended experimental sodium orthovanadate (vanadate) concentration for phosphatase inhibition is 1 mM. 
  2. Cell lysates:  Dispense the 200 mM stock sodium orthovanadate solution directly into cell lysates to make a final concentration of 1 mM. 
  3. Cell culture:  Syringe sterilize with a 2 micron filter, dispense the 200 mM stock solution to cell culture medium to make a final 1 mM concentration.

Images and Data Tab: Sodium Orthovanadate (Vanadate) complexed with alkaline phosphatase. Ref: (1999) J.Biol.Chem. 274: 8351-8354. Source: PDB

Data Sheet



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In addition to direct purchase from Fivephoton Biochemicals, this product can be purchased on and shipped directly from Fivephoton Biochemicals to the customer; part numbers:  6ml, NC0255294;  12ml, NC0662684; 30ml, NC0335581.  Sodium Orthovanadate is also available from other distributors of Fivephoton Biochemicals.

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Sodium Orthovanadate (Vanadate) Storage, Safety, Shipping
Storage: Stable for shipping at ambient temperature.  Store at -20oC after arrival.  Stable for at least one year after arrival and storage at -20oC.
Safety:  Harmful.  Avoid ingestion, skin and eye contact. 
Shipping:   2-day or overnight delivery recommended.  International priority Fedex delivery is also available.  


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