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(+)  1.858.395.4026 or 1.800.462.4507 (Toll free North America).  
Phone support hours:  M-F, 9.00AM - 5.00 PM, PDT.

Email address for ordering with purchase orders: 

Fax numbers for ordering with purchase order: 
United States and Canada:  1.888.694.2610 
International:  1.858.345.5291  
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Email address for general customer inquiries: 

Web address for online orders: 

Customer Support Email: 

Technical Support Email: 

Fisher Scientific, VWR, Cedarlane and Antibodies-Online purchases.
Fivephoton Biochemical products can also be purchased through Fisher,VWR, Cedarlane and Antibodies-Online in the United States and Canada. 

Fisher Scientific (Fivephoton Vendor Code: VN127309) and VWR (Fivephoton Supplier No:  139134).

Contact the general customer support number for Fisher Scientific (Tel: 1.800.766.7000), VWR (Tel: 1.800.932.5000), Cedarlane (Tel:  1-800-721-1644) or Antibodies-Online (Tel:  1.888.205.9894) to order Fivephoton Biochemical products.


Orders can be made directly with Fivephoton Biochemicals online with a credit card or with a purchase order (email purchase orders to customersupport@fivephoton.com or by fax:  888.694.2610), by telephone (Tel: 858.395.4026 or 800.462.4507), or through our distributor network (see left side bar on this webpage). 

Fivephoton Biochemical products can also be ordered through Fisher Scientific and VWR (see contact numbers below).  Prior accounts are not required to order for verified academic and industrial research institutions. 

W9 Forms and Account Setup

To set up new ordering accounts and to request W9 forms, contact Customer Support at customersupport@fivephoton.com or Tel: 800.462.4507.  The registered name for Fivephoton Biochemicals is Eton Pharmatherapeutics. 

Physical Address:

Fivephoton Biochemicals
4907 Morena Blvd, Ste 1403
San Diego, California 92117;  USA

Accounts Receivable Address:

FIVEphoton Biochemicals-Eton Pharmatherapeutics
Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 910663
San Diego, CA 92191-0663

Purchase Orders:

Email purchase orders to (preferred P.O. transmission method):

Fax for purchase orders:
888.694.2610 (US and Canada), 858.345.5291(International)

W-9 Form Requests

Request W-9 forms by emailing customersupport@fivephoton.com or calling 1.800.462.4507.  The registered name is Eton Pharmatherapeutics, Inc.

Orders Within the United States

Orders are accepted by telephone (1.858.395.4026 or 1.800.462.4507), online (www.fivephoton.com) or by fax (1.888.694.2610 or 1.858.345.5291).  Acceptable credit cards for payment include Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Purchase orders are accepted by email (customersupport@fivephoton.com) or by fax (1.888.694.2610 or 1.858.345.5291)   Order confirmations and updates are provided by email.  Fedex tracking numbers are emailed when items are shipped. 

Contact customersupport@fivephoton.com or call toll free 1.858.395.4026 for ordering inquiries and assistance.

Ordering using purchase orders without a prior account: 

If your institution does not have an account with us, you can order Fivephoton Biochemical products using a credit card online, by telephone directly with Fivephoton Biochemicals (Tel: 1.858.395.4026 or 1.800.462.4507), or with distributors for Fivephoton Biochemicals (Domestic distributors:  Fisher Scientific, VWR, Antibodies-Online (Tel: 1.404.474.4654), Cedarlane Labs (Tel: 1.800.721.1644).  See "International Distributors" for non-US purchases).

Companies or institutions with purchasing contracts with Fisher Scientific or VWR

(Fivephoton Vendor Code: VN127309) or VWR (Supplier No:  139134) can contact the respective customer support number to order Fivephoton Biochemical products.  

Institutional Purchasing Account Set-up

FIVEphoton Biochemicals places high priority to new account set-up.  To set up purchasing accounts, email customer support at customersupport@fivephoton.com or Tel:  1.858.395.4026 or 1.800.462.4507.


All orders are subjected to final approval. FIVEphoton Biochemicals reserves the right to adjust the final costs due to unanticipated errors and increases in shipping costs.  However, we note that post-order adjustment rarely takes place.  The customer will be contacted for approval on all changes in pricing during the course of completion of the order. 

FIVEphoton Biochemicals reserves the right to decline any order.  Orders declined after automated pre-payment by credit card will be refunded in full.  Orders are irrevocable after commitment by buyer AND seller (i.e. manual (non-automated) confirmation of a PO invoice or credit card payment) including orders on ELISA Kits, peptides and oligonucleotides.

Free Shipping For Academic Institutions In Southern California.

Academic institutions located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties receive free ground shipping on most items (excludes ELISA kits).  Please contact customersupport@fivephoton.com prior to making an online order for a free shipping code. 

International Shipments (Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East)

FIVEphoton Biochemicals routinely ships to Canada, Asia , Europe, and the Middle East and is pleased to complete orders to those locations.  Fivephoton Biochemicals directly processes and ships orders to most international locations.  Local distributors are also available in many international locations to assist in order processing:  Please see the Distributors link on the left side bar for orders in those regions.

Separate shipping rates apply to international orders, including Mexico and Canada.  FIVEphoton Biochemicals is not responsible for delays or loss of shipments due to customs requirements.  Additional unanticipated costs and surcharges instituted by the shipper (i.e. Fedex), or by customs costs, may also contribute to and increase the order total.  If unanticipated charges arise, the customer will be notified for approval. 

Distributors in International Locations

Fivephoton Biochemicals directly processes and ships orders to most international locations.  In many international locations, local distributors are additionally available to process and ship orders.  Please directly contact the local distributor for sales inquiries and orders in those regions;  see left side bar of the website for "Distributors."   If a distributor is not present in your location, directly contact FIVEphoton Biochemicals (salessupport@fivephoton.com) for sales inquiries and orders.  FIVEphoton Biochemicals regularly ships to Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Payment Terms
Payment term are net 30 days. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted for credit card payments.  Orders (P.O.) are also accepted for domestic US billing addresses, or by pre-approval on international orders.  Wire transfer payment is also accepted for international orders.  Please email customersupport@fivephoton.com for wire transfer information.

Credit Card Payment Security

All sensitive credit card information is handled by a secure payment gateway.  We are currently using Paypal as our credit card processor.  After you confirm your order, you will be redirected to the PayPal website for credit card payment.  FIVEphoton Biochemicals does not store any credit card information on online orders.

Tax Exempt Institutions

Please email salessupport@fivephoton.com or call (800) 462-4507 for instructions for tax exemption on online orders.

Domestic (United States) Shipments

Domestic shipping rates average as follows:  $42.00, overnight Fedex shipping;  $22.00, two day ambient temperature Fedex shipping;  $6.00 to $11.00 ground Fedex shipping. Select items have additional shipping costs due to weight, hazardous materials or handling requirements.  An additional $15 is added to shipping costs for items with styrofoam coolers requiring ice packs or dry ice.  Recommended shipping methods are described in the product descriptions.  Other shipping rates and delivery times apply for international shipments.  Please contact salessupport@fivephoton.com for quotes on international delivery.

Products are generally shipped within 1 business day following payment by credit card or PayPal.  ELISA kits are shipped approximately 2 weeks after the order, but may require a longer pre-delivery period. For international customers, please inquire beforehand for requirements for P.O. payments and on shipping rates. 

Warranty and Returns

All products are warranted to perform as described in this website and the protocol manuals and to be free of defects.  If you believe an item does not perform as described, please email customersupport@fivephoton.com or telephone 800.462.4507 for remedy. The customer pays for shipping costs for all replaced items.

Orders on many items are not reversible after commitment (i.e. confirmation of a PO invoice) including orders on ELISA Kits, peptides, custom synthesized genes, peptides and oligonucleotides.  Certain items may not be returnable, including ELISA kits, other kits with antibodies, custom synthesized genes, peptides and oligonucleotides.  Please contact salessupport@fivephoton.com  or telephone 800.462.4507 for returns.

Customer support and sales contacts:
  • Email:  Customer Support;  customersupport@fivephoton.com
  • Phone:  1.858.395.4026 or Toll free:  1.800.462.4507