Patch Clamp Pipettes | Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes |Pre-Pulled Pipettes | PCPs-1; PCPs-1A; PCPs-1B

Patch Clamp Pipettes | Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes |Pre-Pulled Pipettes | PCPs-1; PCPs-1A; PCPs-1B
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Price: $225.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: PCPs-1 (30 pipettes)
Manufacturer: Fivephoton Biochemicals

Available Options:
Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes
Patch Clamp Pipettes
Temporarily unavailable.
Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes:  Part No. PCPs-1A
  • Pipettes are freshly fabricated for each order
  • Packaged for stable shipping and storage
  • Multiple applications including microfluidics, printing and patch clamping
  • Made in the United States
  • Pre-configured and custom configured micropipettes are available
  • Not fire polished
  • Multiple additional configurations are available at part MGM-1 (click here)

Standard Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes
Pre-Pulled Micropipettes - Standard Configuration.  $225 for 30 pipettes, $610 for 100 pipettes
Parameters, Part No PCPs-1A:
  1. Glass: thin wall borosilicate, with or without internal filament *
  2. Total pipette length: Approx 5 cm
  3. Outer diameter at tip (ODtip): 1.5 ± 0.3 µm
  4. Inner diameter at tip (IDtip):  1.2  ± 0.24 µm
  5. Taper length:  1-5 mm
  6. Wall thickness at base: 0.17 mm
  7. Outer diameter at base (ODbase): 1 or 1.5 mm depending on request
  8. Pipettes pulled on highly stable Sutter Instruments P-97 puller
  9. Not fire polished

  Specification Sheet

Standard Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes
Part No.
Cost (USD)
   30 pipettes
PCPs-1A(30f) with filament
   30 pipettes
PCPs-1A(30wf) without filament $225.00
   100 pipettes
PCPs-1A(100f) with filament $610.00
   100 pipettes
PCPs-1A(100wf) without filament $610.00

Select pipettes on available options menu.  

For additional configurations for pre-pulled glass micropipettes, see Part MGM-1 (click here).  
* For online orders, please write with or without filament in the comments box

Custom Pre-Pulled Micropipettes:  Part No. PCPs-1B

Cost: $225 - $330 for 30 pipettes, depending on configurations.  Lead time:  3 - 14 days
To inquire and/or order custom pipettes, contact or Tel: 1.858.395.4026.

Applications:  IVF, microinjection, focal saline application, cell collecting, voltage/current-clamp, single channel recordings, single cell pharmacology, microfluidics, microapplication on chip, molecular printing, micropipette applications.

  • Glass: Customer request                                                          
  • With or without internal capillary
  • Length: Customer request
  • Outer diameter (OD): Customer request
  • Wall thickness: Customer request
  • Tip outer diameter: Customer request
  • Tip inner diameter: Customer request
  • Pipette resistance (in standard saline): Customer request

Pipette-Cell Image:  Adult rat trigeminal mesencephalic neurons.

Product Reference

Bonvini, Sara J., et al. "Transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 4 and airway sensory afferent activation: Role of adenosine triphosphate." Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (2016).

Representative Electrophysiology Recordings 

                3µBRUS-3145                    200nM omega-AgaIVA+5microM BRUS-3145

Figure Legends: 
Upper panel demonstrates stability of Ca++ channels and potentiation effect of experimental substance BRUS-3145 recorded with patch pipettes produced by FIVEphoton Biochemicals isolated cortex neurons of rat.  w-Aga-IVAdoes not block the BRUS-induced potentiation of the Ca++ channels. The cortex neuron which demonstrated the potentiation effect under the addition of 3mM BRUS-3145 was then incubated in 200nM w-Aga-IVA. Left panel: IVrelationships measured in control (open circles) and after application of 3mBRUS-3145 (filled circles). Right panel: IV relationships measured after 3 min incubation in w-Aga-IVA (open triangles) and after subsequent application of 3mM BRUS-3145 (filled triangles). The recovery (squares) was obtained within 1 min in both cases.

Data – courtesy of Light Biologicals, Inc

Storage:  Room temperature.
Lead time:  3 business days for standard pipettes. 
Shipping recommendation:  Domestic 3-day ($25 flate rate), 2-day Fedex ($32 flat rate) or domestic overnight delivery ($60 flat rate).  Packing is stable for international delivery to South America, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia:  please inquire with for international shipping rate.
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Patch Clamp Pipettes | Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes |Pre-Pulled Pipettes | PCPs-1; PCPs-1A; PCPs-1B
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Patch Clamp Pipettes | Pre-Pulled Glass Micropipettes |Pre-Pulled Pipettes | PCPs-1; PCPs-1A; PCPs-1B
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